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Bruce went WD BOW & BOS for a 5 pt major Friday at the ASC Mid-America show. This was his 4th win & 4th major which earned his ASCA championship.

Chanel earned her MACH agility titled at the November 2014 TAC AKC agility trial!! She is now MACH Wild Heart’s Haut Monde RN MX MXB MXJ MJS CGC, RS-N JS-O, EAC OAC

Wally made his debut in Rally at the GKCDTC's  Obedience Trial  at Gardner KS. He earned two Q's with scores of 96 and 92. He completed his title at the Sunflower KC trial in May with another 92.

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Hunter & Nikon at the

USASA Agility Nationals

Kel at the USASA Nationals

Hunter and Kel at the

USASA Agility Nationals

Photos of Nikon at the Wichita


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Bruce on his down and back at the GKC-ASC conformation show